Matrices and graphs

To study structure,
tear away the flesh till
only the bone shows.

This haiku came to my mind yesterday while I was walking in the streets thinking about matrices and graphs. I am supposed to give an introductory lecture about them for undergraduate students in a few weeks, and it seemed like a good reason to finally write a post about mathematics.
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Know your brain!

Aside from mathematics, I have other interests. Ever since I started to use my brain for mathematics, I am interested about how thinking works. Since problem solving is my day job, I have plenty of opportunities to observe my cognitive processes and I have a passion for optimizing my brainworks. Thinking about thinking is a very interdisciplinary field, ranging from neuroscience to psychology, and I find a lot of joy in reading about it and trying to adapt it in practice. Why not write about it then? I decided to write about my neverending quest in exploring and enhancing the workings of my mind. I am no brain scientist, merely a brain user (most of the time, at least), therefore these posts will serve as a “How to use your brain 101”, rather than an exquisite scientific investigation.

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The Biologist, the Mathematician and the Stalker

The Biologist and I were waiting in a dirty bar, slowly sipping our cheap and bitter beer. The Stalker arrived early in the morning, the fog hasn’t even settled yet. We jumped inside our car (without roof, of course, as the Stalker requested), then slowly started our trip into the Zone. After sneaking past a few soldiers… wait, no. Scratch that. Here is the real story of our trip into the Chernobyl exclusion zone and to the ghost city Pripyat.

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