Curriculum vitae


[10] Dobos O, Horvath P, Nagy F, Danka T, Viczián A, A deep learning-based approach for high-throughput hypocotyl phenotyping (available at biorXiv)
[9] Hollandi R, Szkalisity A, Toth T, Tasnadi E, Molnar CS, Mathe B, Grexa I, Molnar J, Balind A, Gorbe M, Kovacs M, Migh E, Goodman A, Balassa T, Koos K, Wang W, Bara N, Kovacs F, Paavolainen L, Danka T, Kriston A, Carpenter AE, Smith K, Horvath P, A deep learning framework for nucleus segmentation using image style transfer (available at biorXiv)
[8] Danka T and Horvath P, modAL: A modular active learning framework for Python, submitted for publication (available at arXiv)
[7] Smith K, Piccinini F, Balassa T, Koos K, Danka T, Azizpour H and Horvath P, Phenotypic image analysis software – tools for exploring and understanding big image data from cell-based assays, Cell Systems, Volume 6, Issue 6 (2018), 636–653
[6] Molnar J, Tasnadi E, Kintses B, Farkas Z, Pal Cs, Horvath P and Danka T, Active Surfaces for Selective Object Segmentation in 3D, DICTA2017
[5] Baricz Á and Danka T, Zeros of orthogonal polynomials near an algebraic singularity of the measure, Constructive Approximation, Volume 47, Issue 3 (2018) (available at arXiv)
[4] Danka T, Universality limits for generalized Jacobi measures, Advances in Mathematics, Volume 316 (2017), 613–666 (available at arXiv)
[3] Danka T and Totik V, Christoffel functions with power type weights, Journal of the European Mathematical Society, Volume 20, Issue 3, (2018) (available at arXiv)
[2] Danka T, Christoffel functions on Jordan curves with respect to measures with jump singularity, Jaen Journal on Approximation, Vol 7, Issue 2 (2015) (available at arXiv)
[1] Danka T and Pap G, Asymptotic behavior of critical indecomposable multi-type branching processes with immigration, ESAIM: Probability and Statistics, 20 (2016), 238-260 (available at arXiv)

Erdős number: 2 (Paul Erdős -> Vilmos Totik, Vilmos Totik – > Tivadar Danka)

Open source projects

• modAL: A modular active learning framework for Python (GitHub repository, project homepage)

Conferences, summer schools

• 2018, EuroSciPy2018 (Trento, Italy), August 28th – September 1st, talk: modAL – A modular active learning framework for Python
• 2018, International Summer School on Deep Learning (Gdansk, Poland), July 2nd – 6th
• 2018, Molecular interrogation of single-cells to decipher population heterogeneity and plasticity (Siena, Italy), April 6th – 12th, poster: Intelligently guided multi-omics analysis of single cells
• 2017, Synthetic Biology in Action: Programming Bacteria to Do Amazing Things (EMBL Heidelberg, Germany), September 24th – October 1st
• 2016, Methods of Modern Mathematical Physics (Toronto, Canada), August 22th-26th and Frontiers in Mathematical Physics (Montreal, Canada), August 28th – September 1st
• 2016, CSM – The Fourth Conference of PhD Students in Mathematics, Szeged, Hungary, June 27th – June 29th, talk: Universality for generalized Jacobi measures
• 2016, 15th International Conference on Approximation Theory, San Antonio, Texas, United States, May 22th – 25th, talk: Asymptotics of the Christoffel-Darboux kernel for generalized Jacobi measures
• 2016, Spectral Theory and Applications, special session at 27th Nordic Congress of Mathematicians, Stockholm, Sweden, March 13th – 20th, talk: Asymptotics of the Christoffel-Darboux kernel for generalized Jacobi measures
• 2015, Harmonic Analysis and Approximations VI, Tsaghkadzor, Armenia, September 12th – 18th, talk: Christoffel functions on Jordan arcs and curves with power type weights
• 2015, Tenth Summer School on Potential Theory, Rényi Institute, Budapest, Hungary, August 18th – 23th, chalk talk, title: Potential theory and asymptotics for orthogonal polynomials
• 2015, Stochastics and Interactions, On the occasion of Bálint Tóth’s 60th birthday, Budapest, Hungary, July 21th – 24th
• 2015, 43rd Winter School in Abstract Analysis, Svratka, Czech Republic, January 10th – 17th
• 2014, CSM – The Third Conference of PhD Students in Mathematics, Szeged, Hungary, June 30th – July 2nd
• 2014, V. Jaen Conference on Approximation Theory, Úbeda, Spain, June 23th – 28th, talk: Christoffel functions on Jordan curves with respect to measures with jump singularity
• 2014, 99th European Study Group with Industry, Novi Sad, Serbia, February 3rd – 7th

Honors, awards

• 2013, Loránd Eötvös National Excellence Scholarship for Students, Hungary
• 2014, Campus Hungary Scholarship, Hungary
• 2015, Young Talents of the Nation Scholarship, Hungary
• 2016, Scholarship of the New National Excellence Program, Hungary
• 2017, EMBO Short-Term Fellowship to visit Alexandrov Team at EMBL Heidelberg
• 2018, Kaggle Data Science Bowl silver medal (top 4%)
• 2018, nVidia Academic GPU Grant


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