About me

My name is Tivadar Danka, I am a senior research engineer at MoonVision.

Ever since I was a high school student, I wanted to be a mathematician. It was not because the usual attraction to numbers or to challenging math problems. (Although I have always enjoyed a good puzzle - and still do.) It was because the Nature of Chaos, an exceptionally interesting paper in a popular science magazine for high school students. I wanted to understand chaos. The rabbit’s hole was deep, and I have delved deep into it with full velocity. During my journey to a PhD in mathematics, I had two realizations which shaped my career. First, that patterns, may it be a connecion between gene and a type of cancer, or the presence of cats in images, can be discovered with tools from statistics. Second, that these tools are so powerful they have the potential to reshape our everyday life as we know it. If we can classify portraying cats, we can detect cancer cells in microscopy images. If we can teach neural networks to beat the best go player in the world, we can teach them to design personalized therapies to beat cancer. I believe that we are at the bleeding edge of a technological revolution which would change the world - for the better.

And I want to be a part of it.

You can find the list of my publications and the summary of my research on this website, along with my blog about my thoughts on science and mathematics. Have fun!


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Universality and orthogonal polynomials

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